Common Questions About Acupuncture

Q: How exactly does acupuncture work? 

A: Acupuncture needles are inserted at fascial junctions which affect nervous tissue response. It releases endorphins, increases blood flow to tissue, and can regulate hormones. It encourages your body to heal itself by getting back in balance. 

Q: What exactly is "qi" or chi? 

A: Qi is the energy source that runs through your body and keeps you healthy. In Western medical terms you can think of qi as energy, blood flow, and the immune system. 

Q: What if I don't like needles? 

A: No problem! Acupuncture points can be stimulated with acupressure by pushing into points with your hands. Ask us about our magnetic cups with light stimulation that can work in place of needles! 

Q: Can acupuncture and Chinese herbs replace my Western pharmaceuticals?

A: In some cases yes, but never without the supervision of your doctor. If weaning yourself off of your medications is a goal you have, acupuncturists can work with your MD to find the safest way for you to achieve a natural health routine. 

Q: What is cupping? 

A:  Cupping has been used in China of thousands of years to decrease muscle pain and stress. By suctioning glass or plastic cups to the skin, cupping works like a reverse massage pulling the muscle and fascia up. Think of it like pulling a dent out of a car. Those marks you may have seen a la Michael Phelps are not bruises. Cupping pulls stagnated blood, lactic acid and lymph to the surface so the muscle underneath is perfused with fresh oxygenated blood. They fade in 2-14 days and do not hurt.

Q: What is Mei Zen? 

A: Mei Zen facial rejuvenation works by inserting tiny needles all over the face and neck, causing collagen and elastin to fill the spaces. Over several appointments this rebuilds tissue to fill in fine lines and decrease signs of aging. Unlike injection fillers, your own body creates a suppleness that looks as natural as the process. Mei Zen requires a set of 10 appointments spread out over 5 weeks. Book today at Flourish-acupuncture.com or call 720.900.1884 

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